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Violence plagues our communities and must be addressed in the home, school, and neighborhoods' streets. T2AF aims to reconstruct the way people manage conflict, enabling opportunities to attain their most significant potential. We believe in mutual respect for our shared humanity.


T2AF seeks to provide ways to:

  • Foster understanding

  • Spread information

  • Ignite empowerment

  • Improve lives and brighten futures

All Hands In



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Kneeling Protestors

Racism is a Sin

Read the new eBook based on the white paper "Racism is a Sin". Also watch the webinar featuring our Founder J.T. Johnson.


The Untold Story of the

Civil Rights Movement

Take a closer look at the events that led up to the signing of the United States Civil Rights Bill, told by Mr. J.T. Johnson and Ambassador Andrew Young. 

Image by Noorulabdeen Ahmad

"Take2 America Foundation, Inc. (Take2) aims to utilize first-hand knowledge and experiences along with principles, methods and steps of nonviolence to empower our children to overcome peer to peer violence in the community and schools."

- J.T. Johnson, Founder

A Second Look At Non-Violence...

Non-violent action was the approach taken by people involved in the Civil Rights Movement (CRM) of the 1960s. They knew ALL life was interrelated and fought to rise above their oppressors while working to restore a sense of community.

Take2 America Foundation, Inc. (T2AF) is a nonprofit community-based organization designed to take a second look at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s mission and vision of nonviolence in providing alternatives to help overcome violence in addition to identifying and bridging misunderstandings in communities and amongst peers.

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